My CV and PhD dissertation are linked below (PDF download). My work experience so far has all been in the scientific research setting (which I’m interested in continuing!), but I’m always open to other ideas related to my passions and projects.

If you have any opportunities you think I would be a good fit for, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact page or by emailing me directly at (my first name)(my last name)(at)!


Curriculum Vitae

PhD Dissertation: “Anodic alumina as a scalable platform for structural coloration and optical rectification”



Oller, Declan, Jimmy Xu, R. M. Osgood III, and Gustavo E. Fernandes, “Scalable Optical Rectification in a Reconfigurable Resistive Switching Filament”, In preparation.

Oller, Declan, De He, Jin Ho Kim, Domenico Pacifici, Jimmy Xu, and Gustavo E. Fernandes. “Colour gamuts arising from absorber–dielectric–metal optical resonators.” Coloration Technology (2017).

Oller, Declan, Gustavo E. Fernandes, Stylianos Siontas, Jimmy Xu, and Domenico Pacifici. “Scalable physical coloration.” Materials Research Bulletin 83 (2016): 556-562.

Oller, Declan, Gustavo E. Fernandes, Jin Ho Kim, and Jimmy Xu. “Investigation of quantum confinement within the tunneling-percolation transition for ultrathin bismuth films.” Physica B: Condensed Matter 475 (2015): 117-121.

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De He, Zhijun Liu, Gustavo E. Fernandes, Tianyi Shen, Declan Oller, Domenico Pacifici, Jin Ho Kim, and Jimmy Xu. “High-purity red coloration via mode-selective absorption in a layered thin-film cavity.” AIP Advances 8, 065226 (2018).